View the City of Green River's Parks and what we have to offer via an interactive map. Scroll through the page to find Parks, Facilities, and Pathway for play and to rent!


Play equipment at Parks listed from top to bottom (pictured above):

Centennial Park - Features a large net and double slides recommended for ages 5-12.

Evers Park - A dinosaur-themed park that holds a small rock wall, slam bar, and slides. Perfect for ages 2-12.

Expedition Island Park - Holds a line of regular swings and two large saucer swings made for ages 2-12. 

Hutton Park I - Features different slides and climbing equipment recommended for ages 2-12. 

Riverside Memorial Park - A small park with two different slides perfect for ages 2-12. 

Hoover Park - Complete ADA compliant play area that features a ramp, slides, and more, perfect for ages 2-12.

Collier Park - Features swings, large and small slides, climbing equipment, and more recommended for ages 2-12. 

Andrews Park - A perfect spot to climb, slide, and swing that's recommended for ages 2-12. 

Logan Park - Featuring different climbing nets and swings made for ages 2-12.

Veterans Park - A large net made for climbing is recommended for ages 5-12. 

Anvil Park - A large park that holds slides, swings, games, and more made for ages 2-12. 

Pioneer Park - A small park that holds a slide and other climbing equipment, great for ages 2-12.

Indian Hills Park - Features a train with money bars, large and small slides, and other climbing equipment perfect for ages 2-12. 

Clearview Park - This park is one of our smaller parks in town featuring two little slides, and climbing equipment. Perfect for ages 2-5.

Medicine Park East - Test your balance with the different spinning equipment, steps, and climbing walls and nets. Perfect for ages 5-12.

Medicine Park West - A large climbing net recommended for ages 5-12. 

Apache Trail Park - Featuring a large climbing net, swings, and balancing walk perfect for ages 5-12.

Edgewater Park - A western-themed park featuring a wagon, train, and so much more perfect for ages 2-12. 

Wyoming Park - Features slides, monkey bars, a climbing wall, and more recommended for ages 5-12.

FMC Park - A tiny playground that features two slides and games great for ages 2-5.

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