Mosquito Control

Summer Mosquito Control

The Parks and Recreation Department implements many measures to keep the mosquito population down each season.  There are steps that individuals and households can take that will make a significant, positive impact too. The single most important thing to do is eliminate standing water on and near your property. Consider taking these easy steps to help us with mosquito abatement:

  • Clean your gutters and bird-baths
  • Empty the "kiddie pool" when not in use
  • Remove standing water from old tires and other yard objects
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn
  • Eliminate weeds on and near your property

Mosquitoes transmit disease, for your protection, wear long sleeves and pants when outside between dusk and dawn, and apply bug spray. There are chemicals available from your local hardware store that kill adult mosquitoes.

First Flyer Over

The first mosquito flyover is scheduled for the week of July 10, 2023, depending on weather conditions. The mosquito flyover is a preventative measure, the purpose is to target mosquito larvae. The pilot releases a natural substance over large areas of standing water. On the ground, Parks’ staff adds a similar natural Larvacide in a "biscuit" form to smaller areas of standing water on City property. These chemicals eliminate mosquitoes while they are in their larvae stage.

Mosquito Fogging Schedule

Fogging Information

Fogging will take place as needed pending weather conditions and mosquito counts. Fogging begins when adult mosquitoes are active throughout the entire city. Fogging is not a preventative measure; it kills adult mosquitoes on contact and is used as such. There is no residual effect of fogging, meaning that it is a short-term immediate fix. It takes the City a week to get through the entire town. Fogging occurs during the hours after dusk in order to target mosquitoes when they are most active.

To have your address to the "no fogging list" please contact (307) 872-6151

Some years, despite all of the efforts to control mosquitoes, populations are high and can result in a major nuisance to residents. Remember to follow the above-recommended steps to help with mosquito abatement in your area.

Mosquito Awareness Flyer

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