Development Review


Development Review is the "Conception to Completion" process for your development project. The process includes looking at both how the land is used and how the buildings are built. For example, the Planning Department compares how the land is used and where structures are located on the property while the Building Department's plan reviewers compare how the buildings are built with the adopted Building Codes. Other City departments consider the impact on existing infrastructure such as roads, utilities, drainage, fire safety, etc. Additionally, the City partners with external providers and agencies for the review of projects such as State Agencies (WyDOT), Joint Powers Water Board, and other external utility providers. This consolidated group of internal and external agencies is called the Development Review Committee.

Development Review Process

The type and size of the project will determine the Development Review Process to be followed. Generally, residential projects will only go through an internal review, whereas larger projects such as commercial, multi-family, and industrial, will go through a more thorough Development Review Committee review and Commercial Plan Review process before a permit can be issued.

Currently, the City of Green River and the Development Services Team are developing more streamlined and easier to use processes for all of your development needs. In the meantime, please contact the Development Services Department to discuss your project to determine the Development Review that will be necessary.