Know Before You Go

The Green River Recreation Center welcomes you to enjoy some fun, fitness, and fellowship. Please remember this is a public facility we are sharing with our whole community and visitors. Plan ahead and be aware of common practices and guidelines when visiting a fitness facility. It is everyone's responsibility to take steps necessary to minimize the chances of getting injured or items getting lost.

Below you'll find safety information and other key advice for planning your visit to our facility. Check with the front desk at the Green River Recreation Center for more information about our facilities regulations, activities, and recreation resources.

Know Before You Go

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  2. Pool
  3. Wet Area
  4. Gymnasium
  5. Cardio Hall & Weight Room

Recreation Center Rules of Conduct

  1. All Patrons must check in at the front desk when entering the facility
  2. Patrons are responsible for the proper use of, care, and return of equipment
  3. Special area regulations are posted for patron convenience and safety
  4. Smoking, Vaping, or use of Tobacco is not allowed within the confines of the facility
  5. Use of Alcohol or Drugs in the facility is strictly prohibited; persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted
  6. Food and Drinks will not be allowed in the Pool, Gymnasium, Racquetball Courts, or Weight Room. Exceptions include water containers that have sealed lids for exercisers.
  7. The Recreation Center will not be responsible for lost or damaged articles. Valuables will not be accepted by the staff for safe keeping.
  8. Persons caught stealing will be prosecuted
  9. Only authorized tennis shoes or jogging shoes will be permitted in the gymnasium and racquetball courts. No Street shoes, rubber or metal cleats, turf shoes, black-soled shoes (unless the manufacturer guarantees that the shoes will not mark), Heelys (roller-skate shoes) or black balls will be permitted. Skateboards and Hover Boards will not be permitted.
  10. We strongly recommend that children seven years and under be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the facility at all times. Unless accompanied by an adult, a child seven years and younger must pay youth admission.
  11. State regulations require all children seven years of age and younger to remain within arm's reach if an adult in the pool at all times.
  12. Abusive language, arguing, horseplay, and fighting are prohibited
  13. Individuals within the confines of the facility will not be permitted to use any "electronic devices" that broadcast sound. Music systems, when used in conjunction with headphones, are permitted, provided other individuals cannot hear the sound.
  14. Cell Phones and electronic devices capable of photography are prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, and all other private areas of the Recreation Center. The use of cellular phones is permitted inside the Recreation Center, provided they do not interfere with the other's enjoyment of the facility. Please be courteous and move all cell phone conversations to a lobby or lounge area.
  15. Injuries and Accidents to patrons are to be reported to Recreation Center Staff
  16. Incident/ Accident/ Witness Statement reports must be written and turned in to the Recreation Center Supervisor.
  17. Violation of any of these rules and regulations may result in suspension or loss of Recreation Center usage privileges and/or possible legal action.

Enforcement of Rules and Policies

All Recreation Center Staff are responsible for administering all policies in a fair, consistent and correct manner. Favoritism or discrimination to any individual will not be permitted. Recreation Center Staff do not have the authority to change, alter or refuse to enforce any Recreation Center policy. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome and will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Background Music and PA System

The Recreation Supervisor and/ or Recreation Shift Leader control background music and volume on the PA system.

Bicycle and Automobile Parking

  1. Bicycles shall be parked in racks as provided and not on the sidewalk near the building entrances or in the Vestibule.
  2. The Recreation Center shall assume no responsibility for lost or stolen bicycles or parts thereof.
  3. All motorized vehicles shall be parked in the area that has been specifically provided for vehicle parking.
  4. Recreation Center Staff shall not allow bicycles and vehicles to obstruct pedestrian traffic to and from the Recreation Center.

Locker Room Rules

  1. Patrons must dry off before entering the dressing area.
  2. Children age 6 and over must dress in the appropriate gender locker room. A family dressing area, located in the pool area, is also available.
  3. No food or drink is permitted in the locker rooms.
  4. Patrons must take their towel, shampoo, etc. to the pool/wet room with them so they don't have to return to their locker wet.
  5. Cell phones and electronic devices capable of photography are prohibited in locker rooms, restrooms, and all other private areas of the Recreation Center.

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