Field Trips to City Hall

Our City receives requests from local elementary schools to visit City Hall for educational City tours. During the City tour the students meet the Mayor and get to hear about what he does for the City, how many Councilmen/Councilwoman are make up our City Council and who the Councilmen/Councilwoman represent. The students learn about what an ordinance is and some of the most recent ordinances that have been passed in the City of Green River. The kids were excited to visit the Police Department and hear about how they keep our City safe. They all were able to see the inside of the police car, lights and sirens. Some of the classes were also able to meet the police dog too. On the tour of City Hall, they were greeted by our Chief of the Fire Department, and were able to see Fire Station Number 1, located at City Hall. While at the station, they learned about fire safety and how our Fire Department protect the citizens of Green River. Some of the elementary classes had the pleasure of meeting with our Community Development Department and assist with planning out what the City of Green River looks like through an interactive building session. The kids came up with great questions and showed they would be very good Junior Planners.

We want to thank the teachers for planning the field trips to City Hall and allowing us to be apart of your curriculum. Our City Staff has a wonderful time working with the students while they are visiting City Hall. A big thank you goes out to our City staff who help make these field trip a fun experience for all. 

If you would like your class or group to visit City Hall, we would be honored to have the opportunity to take your class or group on a tour of our City Hall. Please contact the Administrative Department for more information about how to sign up for field trips to our City Hall. To set up a field trip to City Hall, please call 872-6136.