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The Business Services Division of Development Services implements the Business Licensing program of the City of Green River. Additionally, the Business Services Division provides resources to assist business owners through cooperating agency partnerships.

Business Licensing

All businesses located and/or operating within the City of Green River are required to obtain a Business License prior to conducting business. This includes businesses that are not physically located within the city limits but are conducting business within the city limits.    

The purpose of the Business License is to provide the necessary regulation to ensure that each business is conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances (zoning, building, public health, etc.). Prior to the issuance of a Business License, the application will be reviewed by Planning and Zoning staff to ensure that the business location is property zoned for the activity being conducted. Additionally, the application will be forwarded to the Building Department. The Building Department may contact the business owner if construction/remodeling within the building will take place, or if there is a change in occupancy use of the structure as a result of the new business.

The type of business and the location of the business will determine the Business License process that is to be followed. The following summarizes the various processes and applications.

Business License (General)

The general Business License process is required for all businesses that do not fall under the categories of Home Occupation or Contractor as outlined below. This will include your store front businesses (excluding contractors) that are located within commercially zoned business districts and businesses (excluding contractors) that have a physical location outside of the city limits but are still conducting business within the city limits. Development Services staff will review the application for zoning compliance and any building requirements prior to the issuance of the license.

Home Occupations

The Home Occupation Business Licensing process is required for any gainful occupation or profession, full or part-time, which is clearly secondary to the use of the dwelling as a residence. Home Occupations include occupations in which the business is conducted “off-site”, but the dwelling unit is utilized as the business’ physical address. Home Occupations that involve home based child care and taxidermy are required to follow the Conditional Use Permit Process for approval. Click on the following links for more information on Home Occupations, including Daycares and Taxidermy:

Contractor's License

The Contractor Business License process is required for all contractors and sub-contractors.  A contractor is any person, group, organization, or any business that participates in any of the following activities for pay or other compensation:  building, construction, alteration of structures, repairs of structures, additions to structures, demolition of existing structures, and moving any building or structure.  Contractors that utilize their Green River residence as they business’ physical address are required to obtain Home Occupation Permit Approval prior to the issuance of the Contractor’s License.

Traveling Merchant's Business License

A Traveling Merchant’s Business License is required for all businesses operating as a temporary or transient manner. A “Transient Merchant” is defined by the State of Wyoming (W.S. 33-20-201) as “all persons, firms and corporation, both as principal and agent, who engage in, do or transact any temporary or transient business, either in one (1) locality or more or by traveling from one (1) or more places in this state, selling goods, wares or merchandise and who for the purpose of carrying on such business hire, lease or occupy a building, structure or car, for the exhibition and sale of such goods, wares or merchandise.” The property owner of the location in which the temporary or transient business is to be conduct is required to sign the application. The application will also be checked for zoning compliance.

Door to Door Solicitation

The City of Green River strictly enforces a Door-to-Door Solicitation Ordinance. It is unlawful for any person to engage in door-to-door commercial solicitation activities within the city without first obtaining a door-to-door solicitation permit. If your business activity will include door-to-door activity, please carefully review the following the information:

Business Reports

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