Obtaining a Building Permit


A building permit is the City's official stamp of approval, giving you the authorization to proceed with a building project. The building permit is issued only after your plans have been carefully reviewed to ensure that they are in compliance with all of the City's Zoning/Building Regulations and Construction Codes. These regulations were not established to hinder you but to protect you and uphold the long-term value of your property. The regulations also help to promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens as well as provide for a well-planned City.

The City of Green River requires that you obtain a building permit if you erect, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, or convert a building or structure. This includes not only building construction or remodeling, but also plumbing, electrical and/or mechanical modifications. Ask the Building Inspector if you are uncertain about whether your plans require a permit. If work is commenced without a permit, the Building Code requires that an additional investigative fee be charged.

Any permit may be issued to a property owner or authorized agent of the property owner. Inspections will not be performed unless the appropriate permits have been obtained.