Sweetwater County Board of Health

The Board of Health promotes and protects the health and living conditions of the citizens of Sweetwater County and all who visit and pass through. The Primary function of the Board of Health is to offer many options of core health functions for all county citizens and visitors. The core health functions include:

  • Monitoring of diseases and their prevention
  • Community Partnership
  • Sufficient Health Care including quality food and water supplies
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Clean and safe Public Facilities
  • Health informed and educated Public

Board Members

  • Keaton West
  • Natalie Powell
  • Kathy Kumer
  • Dr. Jacob Heath
  • Shaziya Haque DDS
  • Jason Palmer
  • Melinda Poyer
  • Stacy Dolinar

For more information contact Sweetwater District Board of Health.