Fire Prevention

Hands-On Training Available

The Green River Fire Department (GFRD) continues to present fire prevention training to all groups and agencies in the community. The GFRD presents hands-on training with portable dry chemical extinguishers, and trains other agencies in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Past Participants

Participants include employees of Castle Rock Convalescent Center, Castle Rock Medical Center, School District Number 2, local day care agencies, as well as our own City Staff. In addition, we present fire prevention programs to residents of Mansface Terrace, Senior Citizens, and Green Rock Village.

School Programs

Fire prevention programs are presented to the local elementary schools every year during Fire Prevention month. Station tours are conducted for many Scout groups, preschool students, and day care students. Several Infant Car Seat Inspection Sessions are held throughout the County. Through these programs the Green River Fire Department touches about 1,800 people per year.

Community Events

The Department assists at several events during Flaming Gorge Days .One of the most significant occurrence's in 2015 was the ISO re-evaluation. On August 27, 2015 there was ISO re-evaluation conducted on the City of Green River. This evaluation consisted of checking fire calls, training records, maintenance records and equipment in the Fire Department and records, reports, water models of the Cities water system and the dispatch system used to notify emergency services. The results of this re-evaluation showed an improvement to a rating of 3/3X. We are among the top 8 to 9% of the Fire Departments in the Nation out of approximately 50,000 Departments to receive this rating. This was a joint effort for this accomplishment between the City for the Southside water project, information from the Joint Powers Water Board, Utility division for their hydrant records and maintenance, Dispatch, and the Fire Department. This improvement in rating could result in lower insurance premiums, as insurance companies use this to help determine insurance premiums in our area.

The Green River Fire Department also supports many community and school events during this time.

Setting Up Tours & Programs

Any age group from preschool on up is welcome to call the Fire Department at (307) 872-0543 and set up tours or fire prevention programs.

Installing Child & Infant Car Seats

The GRFD also offers instruction on how to install child and infant car seats properly. For more information, call (307) 872-0543.