Division Functions

The Purchasing Division provides internal support functions for all levels of the City's organization. The Division assists with the procurement of supplies, equipment, and contractual services. This is done to maintain quality and cost effectiveness of goods and services purchased by the City.

The Division assists departments on major purchases to ensure compliance with purchasing policies and State statute requirements.

Surplus Property

Purchasing is also responsible for surplus property and the disposal of this property. The Division makes arrangements to sell this property to other governmental agencies and the general public.

Purchasing Objectives

The Purchasing Division works toward the following goals:

  • Maintaining a centralized purchasing function capable of providing daily service and support for all departments
  • Assuring responsible and accountable procurement of commodities, contractual services, equipment, and asset acquisition items
  • Assisting management at all levels in reaching responsible, cost-effective decisions in the purchasing of quality supplies and services for City use
  • Formulating policies and procedures that maximize the efficiency of the City's purchasing process
  • Promoting goodwill and clear communication in City / Vendor relations relative to purchasing
  • Promoting equal opportunity policies through professional relations with vendors


View the Section 218: Retirement / Social Security Agreement with the State of Wyoming (PDF).

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