Division Functions:

The Accounting Division has several functions of which financial record keeping is most important. This includes receiving, processing, and payment of bills. Payroll is another important duty. Currently Accounting prepares and distributes payroll for about 110 full-time employees and 100 part-time / seasonal employees every two weeks.

The Division also calculates, mails, and collects payments of utility bills for water and sewer for more than 4,000 customers every month.

As part of Accounting and pursuant to Wyoming Statutes, the City Clerk is responsible for maintaining and preserving City historical records. The Clerk is also responsible for liquor licensing throughout the City, public notices, preparation of agendas and minutes, and publishing of City Council proceedings. 

Accounting Objectives:

The Accounting Division works toward the following goals:

  • Protect and enhance the City's financial health and stability
  • Maintain with accuracy all City records in accordance with the record management policies
  • Prepare Council agendas
  • Transcribe minutes of the City's public meetings
  • Prepare utility bills for all City water and sewer accounts
  • Collect and record all City revenues
  • Pay vendors for City merchandise and equipment purchases
  • Submit monthly financial information
  • Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget
  • Prepare the Annual Financial Report and Audit
  • Provide excellent external and internal customer service

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Accounting Division at (307) 872-6120.